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Fingerprint Access

Access Control


Access control is a crucial component of data security that determines who is authorised to access and utilise company data and resources. Access control policies are based on authentication and authorization, ensuring that users are verified and granted appropriate access to company information.


Why do I need it?

The primary advantage of an access control system is its ability to safeguard businesses, their assets, and personnel from the risks posed by unauthorized intruders, such as theft, vandalism, and violence. Access control ensures that only authorised personnel are allowed to enter rooms containing valuable items or data.


Types of access control solutions we offer:

1. Time and attendance monitoring: This system facilitates efficient management and tracking of employee work hours, late arrivals, early departures, time spent on breaks, and absenteeism.

2. Facial recognition

3. Touchless recognition

4. Licence plate recognition

5. Metal detectors


Which access control solution is right for my business?

Contact us today; our experienced access control agents are ready to assist you in finding the access control solution that best suits your business and budget. We can also provide a complimentary site visit to evaluate your premises and determine your specific needs before offering a free quote for the most suitable system.


"Intelligence Protection Services: The firm providing affordable and tailored access control solutions."

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