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Home Security System

Temporary Security Guards In South Africa

It is important to note that there are some clients who do not require 24/7 security services. If something goes wrong, Intelligence Protection Services can readily provide you with a highly-trained security team who will assist you with special, one-time events or unexpected security and safety-threatening emergencies.

Who needs temporary security guards?    

  • Valuable goods transportation companies-when their trucks or trains breakdown with valuable goods onboard

  • Homeowners-when their security systems such as electric fences or gate motors malfunction 

  • Homeowners-going on vacation needing someone to guard their property while they are away

  • Business owners- during employee strikes and employee termination


How do we work?

Our trained temporary security guards respond to your security emergencies armed or unarmed depending on the level of the threat the client is facing, they can also be in uniform or casual clothes depending on your preference. We will place the guards where you need them and when you need them. 

Trust Intelligence Protection Services to give you the temporary security guard protection you need.
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