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Trade exhibits, especially those that include goods like jewelry, art, and other valuable objects are at great risk of being targeted by criminals because of the very fact that they are very expensive and valued by many. IPS offers guarding and protection services for such shows and expos at affordable rates.


Protect your valuables through Intelligence Protection Services today.

Our event security guards will ensure full presence;

  • when goods are being offloaded into tradeshow or expo venues

  • when goods are loaded back onto vehicles after the event

  • during the course of the event 

  • Trade exhibits security

    They can be having a lengthy talk with a significant existing client or future client. Even worse, while a crime is being committed, a thief's accomplice may be purposely diverting their attention. Whichever the case, exhibitors won't be able to keep a constant security watch over all of their goods, constantly.


    Professional security is put in place, which significantly reduces the anxiety vendors experience when presenting at trade exhibitions. Having skilled, knowledgeable, and professional security on hand is a key selling point for the venues and the event organizers when it comes to marketing their events. On the other hand, hosting an event when a significant theft occurs might permanently tarnish an organizer's reputation. 

    Trade Show

    How IPS Can Help Your Expo and Trade Show

    IPS is well-known throughout South Africa as a major provider of security services. We are a licensed and insured private safety and security firm. Our personnel frequently receive training specific to the security assignment at hand.

    We are professionals when it comes to protecting big and valuable events. 

    Our organization is versatile and dependable enough to handle traffic control, gate attendants, ushers, and VIP transportation for your trade show.

    Don't wait too long to realize you've put yourself in danger. Putting the security of your expo or tradeshow in the hands of a less experienced can have serious consequences.

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