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Wedding Party

Event Staffing Company

Event Staffing Company

Get the best event staff for your party. Have fun without worrying about your security and that of your guests because our event staff is experienced and receives ongoing training ensuring they can handle all of your event security needs hassle-free. 

How our Event Staff Can Help You

You're planning a sizable private event or party, and everything is looking like it will be the party of the century. Snacks, entertainment, and a beautiful wet bar are all things you've thought about, but have you considered security concerns?


Have you given any thought to the safety and security of your attendees, the party staff, or even your property or the location where you will be having this sizable event?

Intelligence Protection Services offers event staff, ushers, bouncers, crowd management services, and after-event trash pickup.  

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We offer  event staff, crowd management and private party security for the following;

  • Weddings

  • Corporate Events

  • Church events

  • School events

  • Private Party Celebrations

  • Funerals

  • Live Concerts

  • Charity events

  • Government events

  • Year end functions

  • Etc 

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