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Hotel Security Guard

By hiring our hotel security guards, your guests know and feel safe whenever they visit your hotel, guest house, or bed and breakfast. Your staff, assets, property and stock will be safeguarded. As Intelligence Protection Services  we are considerate of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the hospitality industry. As a result, we offer incredibly low rates while protecting your guests, property and staff. 


Contact us today to get a security solution meeting your hotel security needs.


Intelligence Protection Services Hotel Security Offering;

We provide 360° hotel security and protection for your guests, staff and property. Our seasoned hotel security officers, many of whom have experience in law enforcement or the military, are skilled at evaluating risk, people, behavior's and other security factors. Our security guards are trained, experienced and passionate about keeping our clients protected at all times. With IPS present in your premises the safety and security of your visitors is guaranteed. 


Benefits of using Intelligence Protection Services 
  • Our guards are highly trained in the protection of information, assets, people, property

  • Our security personnel is trained in the administration of First Aid/CPR

  • Our team is composed of ex military officers who are highly skilled in designing a proper security system for hotel

  • Our company is a 360 security provider, we can assist with background checks for employees and contractors.

  • We will ensure absolute protection of your guests from intruders.

  • We provide extra tech teams to protect your property if there are strikes or demonstrations in your neighborhood to prevent any looting and vandalism.

  • We protect against employee theft. 


With Intelligence Protection Services your business's reputation will be known as a safe place for guests and employees.

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