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Our event security guards will perform the following duties;

Warmly welcoming all attendees

Conducting security checks, such as pat-downs and bag searches

Keeping a close eye on things while the event is going on

Responding to any questions from guests

Address any security issues that may arise

Ensure that all workers, visitors, and performers or bands are safe

Handling unruly behavior

Examining event tickets

Patrolling the event venue on a regular basis

Provide basic first aid services when the need arises

 Get in touch with us, let’s see how we can best work together.


"Your event’s security and success are our number one priority."

​IPS is a reputable and trustworthy events security provider with years of experience in the provision of security and protection services throughout South Africa. 

We cover the following events;

  • Charity events

  • Corporate events

  • Festival and concerts

  • Sports events

  • Private parties

  • Weddings

  • Churches


    The most crucial element of any gathering is the safety and welfare of the guests, protection of your property, belongings, and anyone working in the event.


    Event security guards must be capable and knowledgeable, with an understanding of how to maintain crowds without ruining the festivities of the event.

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