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Leading Business & Home Security Systems

Elevate your security with our advanced: 

  •  CCTV Cameras

  •  Electric Fencing

  •  Access Control

  •  Fire Solutions

  •  Energy Systems

  • Alarms

  • Gate Motors

Unleash peace of mind for your home and business.

Act now – invest in confidence!

Trusted by hundreds of organizations and individuals across Africa.


- Why Choose Intelligence Protection Services? -

100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We stand behind our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Experience peace of mind knowing that we're dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Fully licensed and PSIRA registered

Rest assured, we operate with full licensing and PSIRA registration, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards. Your security is in trusted, certified hands.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We prioritize delivering premium security solutions that fit within your budget. Our competitive pricing options are meticulously crafted to ensure you receive exceptional value without compromising on safety.

Friendly and professional team

Our team embodies professionalism with a personal touch. From our friendly demeanor to our unwavering commitment to excellence, you'll feel reassured by the warmth and expertise of our security professionals.

Empower your security with Intelligence Protection Services – your go-to for top-tier security systems at unbeatable rates. We guarantee the safety of your property, premises, and belongings, offering a decade of expertise in installing and maintaining cutting-edge security solutions like electric fencing, CCTV cameras, and access control.

Our team, comprised of skilled and seasoned professionals, ensures the establishment of enduring security setups. Experience the unmatched quality of our work – contact IPS today. Let us delve into your security needs to tailor a solution perfectly aligned with both functionality and affordability. Your safety, our priority.


Unmatched Excellence

Elevate your security with our premium CCTV cameras designed for homes, businesses, and public institutions in South Africa. Our diverse range accommodates various budgets, ensuring both affordability and top-notch security systems. Choose excellence for your safety.

Access control is a crucial component of data security that determines who is authorised to access and utilise company data and resources. Access control ensures that users are verified and granted appropriate access to company information.

House break-ins are unfortunately a prevalent crime in South Africa. To ensure the utmost security for your premises, installing an electric fence, along with other security features, is highly recommended.

IPS Fire Solutions offers an all-encompassing suite of services, spanning design, implementation, installation, and maintenance. Specializing in advanced, cost-effective, and intelligent fire and life safety solutions, we are committed to securing your safety seamlessly.

Energy Solutions

In the face of widespread power challenges, IPS steps in with tailored solutions for solar systems and generators. Specializing in installation, we empower you to embrace renewable energy, not only eliminating power bills but also contributing to a sustainable future. Secure your energy independence with IPS.

Other Services

IPS goes beyond with a range of services, offering gate motors, alarm systems, and security doors for businesses and homes nationwide. Elevate your security with our comprehensive solutions.

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